About us

Let’s start with a bit about our background. The entire team here at Top10cam.site is composed of a bunch of cam site aficionados, some of whom also work in the industry.

We’ve come together to provide you with a single point of reference where you can find independently written research guides. These will offer comparisons of the multiple cam sites available today.

The Internet is littered with cam sites claiming to offer the best girls, the most anonymous service, or even the most fun.

Do you believe all those ads?

We don’t!

Our Mission

So what have we done? We’ve taken the time to research every site that claims to be the best - whether on their own websites or in their advertising - to come to our own conclusions.

We want this to be the place where cam site fans can find the truth simply and easily.

We’ve done everything we can to enhance your online experience, making it easy for you to decide on the right site. Our reviews will highlight both the positives and the negatives of everyone we recommend. That means you can make an informed and educated choice.

How We Earn

Our site offers comprehensive reviews, comparison tables, articles, and other helpful content. We strive to partner with the biggest and most reputable brands to bring you exclusive discounts on their products and services. It's free to access any content on the site - we earn money via advertising compensation from the cam sites we work with when you click on our links and make a purchase. This partnership impacts the score and order in which the brands are presented on our site.

You will find affiliate links in reviews, comparison tables, and blog articles. When you click on these links, we may earn a small commission or referral bonus. Please be advised that we do not feature all brands available in the market - we try to only work with the best ones. All of the information on our site, including pricing and product rankings, may change without prior notice.

How We Review and Rank the cam sites we recommend

There are literally hundreds of cam sites out there. A lot of these are poorly run and not worth your time and money. Our top list is comprised of what we believe to be the best, based on:

- Girls - Quantity and quality of the girls working with the site
- Experience / History of the company running the site
- Quality of the promotions & offers for new customers
- Safety / Discretion / Anonymity - What you view online is your business and yours only!
- User Interface - How easy and fun it is to use the site
- Payment methods available
- Customer Service

We tested, researched and ranked so that you don't have to!
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